Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can control your devices individually with your smartphone with the Sakura Smart Home App.

As of now, we currently only have Smart plugs, but Sakura Smart Switch will be launching soon. We also plan to release more smart products in the future.

Long press the button on the device until the LED blinks rapildy. Connect to the device's hotspot (only compatible with 2.4GHz WiFi signal) and follow the on-screen instructions in the app.

Go to App Settings > Family Management > Add New Family

No need to spend your money to make your whole house smart. Our product is adaptable, you can add whatever extras you want or need since the brains of your smart home is already installed.

Sakura Smart Home device helps you reduce energy bills for lighting and electrical appliance energy consumption.

After making the payment, we will give you the shipping number for you to track the items you've order.

You can set up Sakura Smart Home devices easily by following the instructions in the application. Just plug the device and set-up on your smartphone.

You can add and remove as many people as you want to use the devices using the Sakura Smart Home application.

There are only a few cases that smart speakers record conversations (the longest one is about 6 seconds). You can opt to delete these recordings by clicking this link. Login to your account and uncheck the box labeled "Include voice and audio recordings".

Smart speaker is optional. You can use smart speaker to control devices using voice commands. If you don't want to use smart speaker, you can always use the Google Home App. Just download the app on app store or play store and login to your account to start using voice commands on your smartphone.